Vision, Mission, and Goals

Our Vision

All IU Indianapolis undergraduate students will participate in educational pathways that include at least four engaged learning experiences and be transformed by making meaningful connections among their degree, life experiences, and post-graduation goals.

Our Mission

The Institute for Engaged Learning promotes undergraduate learning through equitable access to pathways of connected curricular and co-curricular, experiential, applied, and integrative learning opportunities that prepare students for lives of meaning and success with skills to communicate, innovate, engage with communities, and solve the problems of the 21st century.

Our Goals

1. Develop and/or facilitate intentional and integrated professional development programming and practices in support of faculty and staff efforts to comprehensively integrate engaged learning into curricular and co-curricular experiences with fidelity

2. Develop and implement a targeted engaged learning marketing campaign for students, especially for traditionally under-served student populations

3. Track student participation and assess student learning within engaged learning opportunities offered by IEL and DUE