JagStart 2024 Nominations

Nominate a student for JagStart 2024

The JagStart Showcase is designed help students take their creative ideas, capstones, and business ideas and share them around and beyond campus. Do you have a student with a creative design, business idea, not-for-profit idea, capstone project, or research project?

JagStart can help your students evaluate, refine, and present their idea to the IU Indianapolis, Indianapolis, and greater community. As they share their ideas, all types of possibilities may come up, such as internships, employment, or an opportunity to take their own idea to the next level. 

The JagStart 2024 Showcase will be on Thursday, March 28, 2024, at 5:30 p.m., in Innovation Hall 10500.

Nomination application

Why should you nominate a student?

If you think one of your student projects or capstone projects could fit as a part of the JagStart Showcase, consider the following:

  • Do you think the idea is truly innovative enough so that others outside of IU Indianapolis should see it?
  • Is the idea feasible?
  • Would they benefit from pitching their ideas publicly?

The process

JagStart provides you many opportunities to help you either come up with ideas or to share your current idea. We have partnered with Elevate Ventures (a venture capitalist firm in Indianapolis) to offer workshops on innovating. We'll also offer periodic meet-ups to discuss what you're learning as you perfect your idea for presentation.

A woman stand in front of a PowerPoint wearing a microphone as she pitches her JagStart idea.