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Employers are looking for more than just a degree and GPA on your resume. They want to see experiences that set you apart and represent important attributes like problem solving skills, initiative, and analytical reasoning. The numbers above represent the percentage of employers who look for these specific attributes from a recent Nace survey.

Student Experiences

Research provides unexpected lessons for Roy and Bhattacharjee


Sometimes you get more than you bargained for with research. Ask IUPUI students Josh Roy and Abhinaba Bhattacharjee.

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Spring Break Around the World

Study Abroad

During spring break, more than 160 IUPUI students experienced the world through study abroad, with "classrooms" ranging from museums to the beach to the rainforest.

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This graduate is finishing IUPUI with Pride


Esther Calderon's pride for her field, her community and her city led her to become an important piece of one of Indianapolis' largest, most popular events.

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