Bringle and Hatcher Poster Showcase

Bringle and Hatcher Civic Engagement Poster Showcase


We’re glad you are here! The annual Bringle & Hatcher Civic Engagement Poster Showcase is an exciting opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and community partners to share and celebrate their imaginative and collaborative community engaged work. Community engagement is boundary spanning work, bringing together campus and community partners to explore mutually beneficial collaborations, emerging research, scholarly practice, creative activity, and teaching that foster civic-minded values and a commitment towards social justice. You will find in this space a wide variety of activities and programming that demonstrates such evidence as deepening student learning, increasing scholarship and knowledge, and innovating instructional design and assessment.

You can learn more about navigating this virtual showcase below. You may also choose to view the poster abstract booklet here. All of the abstracts are also located on each poster's page as well. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Morgan Studer [ or 317-278-3474].


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Technological Issues

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Advocacy, Philanthropy, Public Policy, & Political Engagement

Assessing IUPUI's Climate for Political Learning and Democratic Engagement

Jennifer Boehm, IUPUI Office of Community Engagement

Healthy Indiana Plan: Navigating Barriers to Health and Wellness

David Craig, Ph. D., School of Liberal Arts, Religious Studies
Matthew Wilcox, IU School of Medicine
Ivan Douglas Hicks, Ph. D., First Baptist Church North Indianapolis

Andrew Green, Shepherd Community Center

Improving Near Eastside Safety and Quality of Life

Jacob Purcell, Public Policy Institute, Center for Research, Inclusion, & Social Policy

Preparing Students for Careers in Public Service Through a Policy Incubator Practicum Placement

Stephanie Boys, Ph. D., School of Social Work
Aimee Patras, School of Social Work
Julianne Miller, School of Social Work
Asia Gibson, School of Social Work
Samrawit Shreves, School of Social Work
Rachel Walters, School of Social Work

Assessing & Documenting Partnership Outcomes

Creating and Sustaining Micro and Macro Advocacy in a Clinical Experiential Course

Carrie Hagan, McKinney School of Law
Malorie Palmer, McKinney School of Law
Brendan Haile, McKinney School of Law

Revisiting the "Neighborhood of Saturdays": Exploring the Legacy of a Multi-Racial Community on Indianapolis' Near Southside

Susan Hyatt, Ph. D., School of Liberal Arts, Anthropology
Abbey Chambers, School of Liberal Arts, American Studies

Utilizing the Community Engagement Components Practical Model to Foster Community Partnerships

Victoria Garcia Wilburn, D. H. Sc., School of Health & Human Sciences
Jill Fodstad, Ph. D., IU School of Medicine

Co-Curricular Program Design & Assessment

Analysis of Interprofessional Practice and Cultural Competency in IU School of Dentistry Curriculum

Danilo Almeida, School of Science, Biology
Esperanza Martinez-Mier, Ph. D., School of Dentistry

Instructional Design & Assessment

Exploring Cultures of Health Among Nursing Students Utilizing Technology and Global Partnerships

Barbara deRose, Ph.D., School of Nursing
Lucinda Hill, Ph. D., School of Nursing
Linda Sinclair, School of Nursing

Internationalization and Community: The Case of a State Department Teacher Training Program

Estela Ene, Ph. D., Liberal Arts, English
Matthew Hume, Liberal Arts, International Center for Intercultural Communication

Utilizing Discipline-Based Service Learning as a High-Impact Practice to Increase Student Understanding of NCHEC Responsibilities and Competencies

Charity Bishop, Fairbanks School of Public Health, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Research & Scholarly Perspectives

How Does Service Learning Impact Soft-Skill Development in First-Year Students?

Ashley Burelison, School of Health & Human Sciences
Iza De Los Reyes, School of Health & Human Sciences
Olivia Kilburn, School of Health & Human Sciences

Montgomery County Becoming a Recovery Community in Response to the Opioid Epidemic

Cynthia Stone, Ph. D., Fairbanks School of Public Health, Health Policy and Management
Samantha Cravens, Montgomery County Health Department

Partnering with Local Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Communities to Appreciate and Understand Their Oral Health Habits, Risk Factors and Needs

Kendell M. Lane, School of Social Work
Brittney Wheeler, School of Social Work
Drashty Mody, School of Dentistry
Ciara Augusta, School of Science
Marfaa Almjamaie, School of Dentistry
Stuart Schrader, Ph. D., School of Dentistry

Returning Home: Connecting Communities Through Repatriation

Brianna Jackson, School of Liberal Arts
Alisha Baginski, School of Liberal Arts, Museum Studies

Barbara Sanchez Castellanos Villafuerte, School of Liberal Arts, Museum Studies
Chyan Gilaspy, School of Liberal Arts, Museum Studies

Urban Agriculture and Community Resilience: Assessment of Ecological and Social Benefits of Urban Agriculture in Indianapolis

Bhuwan Thapa, Ph. D., School of Liberal Arts, Geography
Rick Bein, Ph. D., School of Liberal Arts, Geography
Jeffrey Wilson, Ph. D., School of Liberal Arts, Geography
Angela Campbell, School of Liberal Arts, Anthropology
Sneh Sanjay Shah, O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Technology Innovations & Community Engagement

Cultivating Civic-Minded Youth: A Collaboration Between the School of Social Work and Jobs for America's Graduates

Devina Jani, School of Social Work
Charmaine Wardell, George Washington High School JAG


Beyond Good Intentions: Resources to Enhance Reciprocity and Mutual Benefit in Global, Community-Engaged Learning Experiences

IUPUI Working Group on Ethical Community Engagement in Global Learning
Christina Eggenberger, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
Stephanie Leslie, Office of International Affairs
Mary Price, Ph.D., Center for Service and Learning

Are you experiencing technological issues related to the poster showcase? Contact Noelle Broughton at