Terra McFarland

Major: Sustainable Management and Policy BSPA
O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs

IU Studios Marketing Internship

This showcase will present all of the work I’ve done as a Marketing Intern for IU Studios from the fall semester of 2020 through the spring of 2021. I will be summarizing the tasks, projects, culture, and work pace I’ve experienced through this internship while going into detail about one of my favorite projects. Overall, I’ve learned more about the basics of marketing, gained a tremendous amount of skills, and felt more connected with IUPUI as a student, through learning the behind the scene processes about marketing to prospective students. I would encourage other aspiring marketing majors to apply for this internship to gain real-world working experience, exposure to different faucets within marketing, and to add in your unique contributions, you’ve experienced as an IUPUI student.

Supervisor: Linda Ramey-Greiwe and Gauri Nagaraj

Department: IU Studios