Tyler Bartel

Major: English BA, Sociology BA
IU School of Liberal Arts

I am interning at Lutheran Child and Family services here in Indianapolis. Specifically, I am intern for the INSPIRE program at LCFS. It's been a really great experience so far. For my internship, I work with another intern and our supervisor of the INSPIRE program; the program essentially focuses on locating and providing various types of resources and aid, and directing our clients to those resources. Some of the resources include education, finance, shelter, food, employment and job training. Another part of my internship involves working at The Sharing Place, which is a Non-profit food pantry located in Lawrence. While I am at The Sharing Place, one of my duties is to inform the people there about the INSPIRE program and offer them a short overview of what the program is like. Currently, I'm also responsible for merging different excel sheets with information about our clients into one universal sheet that has all of our clients' necessary information so that we can access it easily. We're also working on compiling a significant list of free available resources located in the area that could be easily obtained for our clients. Very soon we are also creating various kinds of flyers with numerous resources on them so that more people may come across them and reach out. Unfortunately, I think COVID has impacted a lot of things that we would be doing if we weren't in a pandemic. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to engage with the clients of our program face to face.

Supervisor: Barbara Walters

Company: Lutheran Child and Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky

Citizens Energy Intern