Marina Beshay

Major: Computer Science BS
Purdue School of Science

Data Analyst Intern

In the past semester, I had the opportunity to intern as a data analyst for a non-profit organization named Lutheran Child and Family Services (LCFS). At LCFS, I was able to grow in my professional skills as well as my analytical skills. My day to day tasks included attending a weekly development team meeting with my supervisor, Barbara and the rest of the interns as well as getting assigned various projects each week. Those projects include checking donor information for accuracy and removing duplicates from client data in preparation for the Annual Report. In editing donor data, I worked greatly with the donor database called eTapestry. In eTapestry, I was able to search any donor in the database and check their data for accuracy. In each donor’s profile, I was to check their salutations and revise their home addresses if need be, such as changing address abbreviations to their spelled out form (Dr to Drive, Ct to Court, Apt to Apartment, etc). Throughout the past semester, I have been able to work 120 hours with LCFS. I have been grateful for every opportunity that I received with the organization and have been greatly appreciative of my co-workers, especially my supervisor, Barbara. I believe I was a great asset to this organization because of the great labor hours I have saved Barbara from having to de-duplicate thousands of client information herself every 3 months. This de-duplicated data that I edited was published in the Annual Report and used for grants, thus benefiting the organization substantially.

Supervisor: Barbara Walters

Company: Lutheran Child and Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky

Citizens Energy Intern