Lawren Coleman

Major: English BA
IU School of Liberal Arts

Marketing Intern

I am a Marketing Intern at Freewheelin' Community Bikes. Freewheelin' is a community bike shop located in Indy that serves to instill knowledge, confidence, and passion with the youth of our society through teaching them how to repair bikes, appreciate bicycling and realize they’re own potential for greatness. I chose to intern for this shop because I hold the same values when it comes to improving the lives of young people in our community. I expected the internship to be very reliant on teamwork because the shop was pretty small and was run by a small team of individuals, and I was correct. Though, I liked that the shop was small and that there weren’t that many people, because it makes communication easier--especially online. As an Marketing Intern, I deal with the media and promotional aspects of the shop. I run their primary social media accounts and create promotional posts, fliers, and cards for all of their events, holidays, and fundraisers. I do this for the purpose of making the shop more marketable for the consumers in our community, which then brings more traction to the shop and improve the business. I use programs such as Adobe Spark, Facebook, and Canva to post, create, and edit social media posts and any other promotional items. I work in a team with great people where we rely on one another to get things done. They inform me of their events and projects and I create and design interactive, eye-catching, and appropriate postings, fliers, and cards to get the word out. I submit multiple drafts of my promotional designs to my team members and I request their feedback to make sure that my work is accurate and well-approved before getting it out to the public.

Supervisor: Elle Hernly

Company: Freewheelin' Bike Association

Citizens Energy Intern