Alston D Souza

Major: Electrical Engineering BSEE
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Field Atlas Ambassador

I am a Electrical Engineering Ambassador, part of the Field Atlas team that helps promote different careers in the growing Agbioscience sector in Indiana. Field Atlas helps advertise this sector by creating presentations, talks and demonstrations about new upcoming careers in Agbioscience sector. As an Electrical Engineering Intern, my role is to work with clients from different companies such as Corteva, Eli Lilly, etc to showcase how Electrical Engineers work in the field of Agriculture and Biomedicine. I also work with the staff at IUPUI to create goals for creating communications for career fairs and other career-development meetings for Engineers. Part of my daily work is to contact different student organizations and Professors to create activities and material that'll help students understand future possibilities/careers in this field and how they can benefit their careers. I also create videos, develop Engineering material and demonstrations that are specifically tailor made to each class, club, organization on campus. Field Atlas is a new body when it comes to Engineering sector but I believe that it has the potential to help student lead their way to a booming future.

Supervisor: Skylar Clingan

Company: AgriNovus Indiana

Duke Energy STEM Intern