Burke Franklin

Major: Management BSB
IU Kelley School of Business

Business Management Intern

I am a business management intern at Paul Davis Restoration. Paul Davis Restoration is a restoration construction company that restores properties back to their original state after they have been struck by disaster. Whether that be from a fire, a major leak, a tornado, a thunderstorm, or anything else life throws a person’s way. As a business management intern, I spend most of my time in the administration department. You can think of the administration department like a puppet master running a puppet show as it is central to the company and is made up of the people in the background that you don’t necessarily see pulling the strings taking care of the day to day operating activities to keep the doors open. In admin, we use various software including QuickBooks, RMS, and Microsoft Office to name a few. My tasks in admin include doing things like entering receipts and invoices into QuickBooks, filing, accepting new job leads, entering new jobs into RMS, answering phones, helping clients, paying bills, tech troubleshooting, tech repair, and more. When I’m not doing tasks like that I spend my time shadowing other individuals in admin where they show me what they do and how they do it. I also get assigned special projects here and their like auditing different payables accounts, reorganizing filing systems or closing out completed jobs in RMS and QuickBooks.

Supervisor: Michelle Newman

Company: Paul Davis Restoration

Citizens Energy Intern