Noah Holliday

Major: Informatics BS
IU School of Informatics and Computing

IT Intern

I am an IT intern at Lids. Lids is a retail franchise that sells sporting goods and apparel, with a focus on hats and caps. As an IT intern my job can range from a variety of responsibilities. For instance, during this first month of my experience I have mainly focused on creating detailed reports for our finance, supply chain, and loss prevention departments. The reason for the creation of all these new reports is due to the fact the company is moving away from an old legacy system that they used to house their data. Now they are transferring all their data into a dynamics 365 data lake. Thus, any reports that were made using the old system must be duplicated using the new appropriate sources. To create these reports, I have to use a variety of tools, such as, Power BI, Azure Data Studio, Dynamics 365, etc. During this process, I not only had to familiarize myself with these tools, but also with the unique languages that are used when constructing queries and processes for them. For instance, once I pull the data, I need for a report into Power BI, I still need to filter and alter it using DAX and Power Query to get it to be usable for the visualizations. I will also be taking on some more harder developer projects in the future so I can get experience with the processes of constructing, getting feedback, and committing code in a master developer branch for a team. This will help me see if I would be interested in a software development role in my future career.

Supervisor: Brian Brigham

Company: Lids

Citizens Energy Intern