Cortlandt Kalkstein

Major: Pre Business BSB
IUPUI University College


I am interning at MCCOY. This stands for Marion County Commission on Youth. This organization is an overarching group that is designed to promote the voice and make heard the ideas of students, as to make change in the world. So that is the overall goal of the organization; finding ways to give students and youth a voice and help them be apart of the legislative process so the people who our representatives work for can hear everyone and not just adults, but students too. My job at MCCOY is working with the MYLC Head Supervisor to develop a strategic plan and culture development. MYLC is Mayor's Youth Leadership Council. Mayor's Youth Leadership Council is a collection of students from area schools within Marion county and even homeschooled students. This council is designed to develop and grow students and equip them to be prepared to go into the community and be civic leaders. We are training them and teaching them how to work within a civic and professional world. We are giving input, and insight on professionalism, the legislative process, communication; publicly and via email and in small conversations, organization; using various mediums to help them stay on top of their work and be timely, and also leadership: knowing when it is time to be a vocal leader, and when it is time to lead behind the scenes, and where each student's skills fit best and learning to collaborate with others and having the discernment to move a group from one place to the next. I am currently working with my supervisor to develop this program more fully. I am helping to create an annual schedule, working on the alumni relations so students can come back and be a resource and connection to current students, and just personally building a connection with the students individually to pour into them and be available as a resource for any questions about college, life, or their projects they might have. I have really learned the importance of small steps. As I have worked with MCCOY I have gotten to know the staff and I have learned that in making change and impacting the community is many small steps all towards the same goal.

Supervisor: Bernard Mickle

Company: Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY)

Citizens Energy Intern