Katie Karl

Major: Marketing BSB
IU Kelley School of Business

Marketing and Sales Associate

For my internship, I worked for Amy Henry State Farm.  I made outbound calls to clients to try to get them to make appointments, sent out requests for google reviews, and assisted in a humana campaign we had going on.  The majority of my work was definitely reaching out to clients and scheduling appointments.  I was an asset to the company because the appointments I made helped the agents gain opportunities to persuade people to add policies to their coverage or expand existing policies.  I think that my work was the tedious stuff that no one else really had time to do, which is still important work and I was happy to do for them. During my internship, I learned that really any experience is helpful. I learned this when, as I mentioned earlier, I ended up doing less marketing than originally planned. I'm still really grateful for the experience and don't regret doing it in the slightest. Even just being in a professional setting was definitely worthwhile. In light of this learning, I will be more open to different types of opportunities in the future even if they don't directly pertain to my exact plan or major.

Supervisor: Amy Henry

Company: Amy Henry State Farm

Citizens Energy Intern