Taylor Miller

Major: Management BSPA, Economics BA
IU O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IU Kelley School of Business

Business Development Intern

On August 24, 2020 I started my internship with Arcamed through my sophomore internship program. Throughout these past two months of working at Arcamed, I have been working for my supervisors Trevor Zike, Derek Jahnke, and Alicia Peck. My duties have included a lot of data entry work, but I have also been able to analyze sales reports and revenue reports and create expense reports. I have also been able to explore and learn about other aspects of the organization as well such as the engineering and manufacturing parts or Arcamed. I believe I have been an asset to this company by taking the tedious, boring, drawn out work off of my supervisors hands so they can deal with management and organizational tasks that take precedent over data entry tasks. From this internship, I’ve learned that my professional and personal skills, values, and goals are not limited to a 9-5 desk job. My interests and passions have not been quieted during this 2 month experience but instead have been highlighted through the things I have not been able to and accomplish through my internship at Arcamed. I am not disappointed by my experience at Arcamed AT ALL and am extremely grateful to have been given this professional development experience in the first place. I learned this lesson when I realized that I hated the idea of sitting at my desk staring at a computer screen all day. This lesson made me realize just how important it is for me to be in a job that will allow me to learn new things and be in new environments every day. Through this experience I also learned that it is important to me that I am doing hands-on, experiential activities that lend themselves to the most efficient and effective work days.

Supervisor: Trevor Zike

Company: Arcamed

Citizens Energy Intern