Rujuta Parekar

Major: Psychology BA
Purdue School of Science

EIP Intern

I am interning with the Marion County Commission Of Youth (MCCOY). I will be working in their Early Intervention and Prevention of child abuse initiative. My intern position is called EIP Intern. My current duties include facilitating the implementation and management of the Storytelling Project, supporting the Early Intervention Planning Council's projects, implementing and evaluating a school-based community health worker project, assisting with data evaluation, and participating in council meetings. Additionally, I have worked with my fellow intern to compile ideas for a drive-thru event organized by my organization for Child Abuse Prevention Month. I have also been involved in reviewing peer-reviewed articles to strengthen discussions in a report, working with available data to make graphs through MS Excel, and brainstorming ideas for other projects and initiatives led by the organization.

Supervisor: Kate Roelecke

Company: Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY)

Citizens Energy Intern