Krupa Patel

Major: Finance BSB
IU Kelley School of Business

Consulting Intern

I am interning at Baker Tilly which is an accounting and finance firm. Baker Tilly is like most accounting and finance firms in which they deal with a lot of financial data from different places. As an intern I am responsible for getting the work done that my buddy or leader has assigned to me. Right now, I am editing documents and making sure they are ready for the following year. I started this internship roughly three weeks ago. Working from home there aren’t many interesting situations that I’ve encountered yet. The one thing that’s been really nice about this firm specifically is that they treat you like as if you’re one of their employees. Some workplaces don’t really let interns get that much experience, so that’s one thing that really stands out to me about this company specifically.

Supervisor: Parneet Tiwana

Company: Baker Tilly

Citizens Energy Intern