Degmarie Santiago Rodriguez

Major: Pre Energy Engineering BS
IUPUI University College

Research Intern

I worked for Pierce Aerospace and my main duty was business and tech research for new business proposals. This is a field that made me realize I want to switch paths, still it would be something to take into consideration in the future since I liked this experience. I would like to focus more on the environmental and ecology engineering side. However, this internship made me realize how important it is to at least have a basic knowledge of business and have an abroad section of networks. Even though my focus was to do research, I saw how my supervisor was always busy doing networking and doing business with those networks and always keeping in touch with them as well; this was part of maintaining a culture for the company. I learned that engineering/robotics fields are more than just creating machines, solving problems, and do coding. Engineering fields are also open to do business, to do scientific research, and build communications. I learned this when my team was reaching other companies and people to continue our business research. In light of this learning, I’m looking forward to have a basic knowledge of business and have a future internship involved in environmental engineering.

Supervisor: Aaron Pierce 

Company: Pierce Aerospace

Duke Energy STEM Intern