Melissa Serrano

Major: Social Work BSW
IU School of Social Work

Communications and Public Relations Intern

I worked for Lutheran Child and Family Services as a communications intern. I was in charge of creating and posting our social media content. I created content for LCFS's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also took over the process of creating our thank you letters. I have been learning how to do them for the past couple of months and finally now beginning to do them all on my own. In total I have worked about 90 hours so far. I have been working for LCFS since July 2020 and when school started I go into the campus on every Monday. I have also accepted a position to return after the semester is over. I am an asset to the company because I have stepped up to help with something that is important to the development team and because I have brought new perspectives into their social media content. This experience has helped me to see that I want to be involved with an organization like LCFS. LCFS partners with a local hospital that is actually right across the street and their is a social worker that works both for the hospital and for LCFS and I want to do what she does. My experience at LCFS has been much more than I expected. I have learned so many new things and it is an experience I am so grateful to get to continue to work with. Creating networks is a major component to finding a job after graduation and I am so glad to know that I have LCFS as a networking contact. I learned that I am good at picking up new things and learning well and running with it. I learned this when taking over the thank you letters. It is a long, tedious process that at first I could not believe I could do it and I was able to. In light of learning this I hope to be with LCFS for as long as possible, even until I graduate and I hope to move up more later on during my time there. 

Supervisor: Barbara Walters

Company: Lutheran Child and Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky

Citizens Energy Intern