Danielle Vann

Major: Computer and Information Technology BS
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Youth Outreach Intern

I have the opportunity to be an intern at the Marion County Commission on Youth. I am working with the Youth Outreach, Engagement, and Empowerment Initiative. This organizations mission is to help young people become engaged and involved with our community. I have not started my specific projects that I will be working on during this internship, but they will include communications and content management of the Mayors Youth Leadership Council. I will be participating in various committees and collaborating with the Director of Communications about strategies and programs that will help carry out and support the values of MCCOY’s Youth Initiative. I will be working with two supervisors. One supervisor that I will be working with is the Director of Youth Outreach. With this supervisor I will be directly communicating with students and working with them to encourage engagement and community involvement by having discussions and planning activities. The other supervisor I will be working with, the Director of Communications, I will be attending meetings with youth stakeholder, organizing communication and content for events, and collecting information for recruitment activities. I will also be assisting with the planning and implementation of a youth storytelling project called the ‘Speak to Act’ project.

Supervisor: Bernard Mickle

Company: Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY)

Duke Energy STEM Intern