Alexander Young

Major: Media Arts and Science BS
IU School of Informatics and Computing

Youth Program Assistant

My internship is as a Youth Program Assistant at Hawthorne Community Center, with my supervisor being Anthony Christou, the School Age Program Coordinator for the center. My responsibilities generally include supervising out of school students during the day and after school youth as well as assisting with e-learning (online learning) support when necessary. On average I worked about 14 -18 hours a week in person at the center, and so far I have amassed about 122 hours. I was an asset to the company because I became a part of the standard rotation of employees during the week, so it was important that I be there on time every day I am scheduled or else there wouldn't be a staff member to easily take my place for that shift. With this experience I have learned to better think quickly in busy situations and I feel I have built on and bettered my communication skills. I feel this will be beneficial in my future when working in tense situations, and better communication skills are beneficial in general.

Supervisor: Anthony Christou

Company: Hawthorne Community Center

Citizens Energy Intern