Mohammad Mistarihi

Major: Mechanical Engineering
School of Engineering

Water Desalination and Sustainable Energy Generation

One of the newest methods of harvesting drinkable water is the desalination of sea water. The goal of the proposed project is to benefit from different natural resources to create a powerful sustainable energy to purify sea water into a ready-to-use resource. The machinery will be based on solar energy generation and a thermodynamic cycle of the steam for reusing the generated energy through a turbine and creating controlled balanced system. The system uses solar panel as the driving energy generator to heat up a certain amount of water collected in a designated controlled pressure container to the boiling point to generate a powerful flow of steam. The generated steam works its way towards a placed rotating fan of the turbine. Due to the low pressure in the turbine container the steam gets condensed into liquified drinkable phase.

Mentor: Hosop Shin