Parth Chaubey

Major: Masters in Museum Studies
School of Liberal Arts
Mentor: Paul Mullins

Indiana Avenue Project

The primary purpose of this project is to create a detailed study of the heritage of Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis, which used to be a hub for jazz, nightlife, and full of culture and aesthetics in the early 20th century. My responsibility in this project is to gather as much statistical and archival data as possible so that we can create genealogical histories of people of different races and do outreach with the descendants who either are living here in Indy or outside of the state and get their side of the history of Indiana Avenue. The primary sources we are using for the study are censuses, newspaper archives, old maps, and photographs. Once the survey is prepared, it will then be used for classroom teaching so that we can once again make young gens aware of what Indiana Avenue was about in the early and mid-20th centuries.