Ryleigh Cable

Major: Health Sciences
Indiana University School of Health and Human Sciences
Supervisor: April D. Newton, PT
Department: Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Pain Assessment Clinic

The Comprehensive Pain Assessment Clinic is a clinic that specializes in assessing patients living with chronic pain. Chronic pain can be described as pain that lasts for years and interferes with day-to-day activities such as working, cooking, and housework. The CoPAC team works to assess the health, mental health, physical, social, and spiritual concerns of patients. We have a variety of different disciplines, including Physical Therapy, Medicine, Pharmacy, Social Work, Nursing, and Chaplaincy. CoPAC occurs every Friday at the IU Family Medicine Center in Indianapolis. During CoPAC, we see patients in 'teamlets', typically two disciplines at a time. We do handoffs, the other teamlet goes in to see the patient, and then we all come together to discuss the patient's needs and compose a shared care plan. I have had the opportunity to observe all the different disciplines and learn about different tests, screenings, and medications. I have gained so much from this experience. Not only have I grown my communication skills, I have also gained so much knowledge about what it's like to work as a part of a team. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to be a part of the CoPAC team throughout my internship.