Elizabeth Corneille

Major: Health Science/ Occupational Therapy
Indiana University School of Health and Human Sciences
Supervisor: Drs. Deanna R. Reinoso and Jill Helphinstine, and Holly P. Ann
Department: Riley Pediatric Care Center

Community Pediatric Rotation Project

My site is doing research on the importance of social factors of health as well as finding available resources to assist families in the communities. We record monthly episodes about various health topics for parents and youths. Our podcast can be found at kidshealthcast.org. 2-How do I contribute to my site? I am one of the interns who are responsible for managing the podcast with the residents, making a monthly report of the percentage of people who have listened to the latest episode that was released as well as various countries that show in the graph on the website. I have also participated in various health activities such as child safety and health care disparity workshops, food insecurity sessions, and care mapping sessions as well as spending time with health care professionals. I have worked on a community project with my supervisors and a couple of community leaders, which purpose is to connect the Haitian community in Indianapolis with healthcare resources. My supervisors and I, along with the residents, had our first event last Sunday, March 6th, and many people got the Covid-19 vaccine (both 1st and 2nd doses), got their blood pressure checked, and signed up for health insurance with financial counselors.