Erica Hathaway

Major: Biology and Neuroscience
Purdue School of Science
Supervisor: Komal Kochhar, MBBS, MHA
Department: Office of Research in Medical Education, Dean’s Office of Educational Affairs, Indiana University School of Medicine

2021 Graduate Medical Education Exit Survey Report and 2021 Indiana Family Medicine Residencies Exit Survey Report

My internship was with RIME (Research in Medical Education) Unit in the School of Medicine. One of the functions of this unit is to create reports for the IUSM (Indiana University School of Medicine) and the IMEB (Indiana Medical Education Board). These reports are based on annual surveys of graduating resident physicians in Indiana. These reports are meant to assess things such as why the resident physicians plan to leave/stay in Indiana, their opinion of their residency/fellowship program, and their debt load. My goals for this internship were to become more detail-oriented and learn more professional skills, such as team communication and time management. My responsibility was to enter data from the statistical outputs into Excel tables, reformat tables to account for new data, and perform quality assurance on various reports, excel sheets, and presentations. I do feel as though I have accomplished my goals, as I worked in a team for many of my tasks, our work was very detail oriented, and we were working on a schedule. At this moment, we have completed the Main Report and Location-Specific Reports for the Board. We just submitted the Main Report and the Department Specific Reports to the School.