Jasmine Jackson

Major: Anthropology
Indiana University School of Liberal Arts
Supervisor: Dr. Scott Coven
Department: IU Health

Tumor Database

Life expectancies, number of surgeries, and chemotherapy treatments are common to be reported to a pediatric physician database to calculate information, such as tendencies of patient's outcome and statistics of frequency. However, at IU Health there is a shift to highlight the daily life of the patient to determine, at a more informed level, treatment and causes for disease. Physicians at IU Health have come together to create a New Tumor Database that calculates for much more than the mathematical sequences of generalized data from a patient's case. This new format for entering data has taken on a qualitative approach. Along with the listed data points above, we are including information such as child opportunity, area deprivation, and household material hardship. The goal is to make a concerted effort to explain the quality of life of the patient and characterize their long-term patient journey to provide the best patient care at an individualized approach.