Jacqualynn Long

Major: International & Global Studies, Africana Studies, Non-Profit Management
Indiana University School of Liberal Arts, Paul H. O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Supervisor: Dr. Ann Cottingham
Department: Indiana University School of Medicine

Discrimination in Hospital Medicine

The study is being conducted at IU Health Methodist, University, West, and North hospitals. We are gathering information by conducting interviews focusing on populations that are typically overlooked. These populations include hospitalists who attended medical/graduate school at a non-US, non-Caribbean institution and/or who identify as an underrepresented minority (Black, Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, American Indian). White hospitalists have also been presented with the opportunity to participate in the study however the study is geared towards those actively facing discrimination in their place of work. The team is currently in the process of analyzing qualitative data. Once the team has gathered this information from the interviews, we have the goal of creating a scale to quantify the burden of discrimination faced by clinicians.