Zundus Mohamoud

Major: Biology
Purdue School of Science
Supervisor: Dr.Linda DiMeglio and Maria Spall
Department: Pediatrics at Riley Hospital for Children, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetology

Determining Strategies to Manage Type 1 Diabetes in Children

Diabetes mellitus is a condition defined by high glucose levels. It is an autoimmune condition in which beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed leading to impaired endogenous insulin production. Insulin plays a key role in the process of storing energy derived from food. Diabetes is treated with insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels which usually rise in response to carbohydrate intake from meals. My work was to analyze experiences of caregivers of very young children with diabetes to characterize some of their experiences with T1D and its management. My initial data were derived from analyses of interviews of families with children that have diabetes ranging in age from seven to thirteen. Some of the parents interviewed had to learn to manage diabetes from the time their children were very little while others whose children were diagnosed later were able to live more normal lives before their children got diabetes. The qualitative data we are gathered will be used to inform future interventional research aimed at improving diabetes management and psychosocial outcomes for kids and parents who use HCL, as well as identifying hurdles for adopting the technology. Overall, our research group aims to aid in improving glycemic control.