Dayton Poe

Major: Neuroscience
Purdue School of Science
Supervisor: Sheryl Lynch
Department: IU School of Medicine


IU School of Medicine Clinical Pharmacology Study ADOPT-PGx includes three branches: acute pain, chronic pain, and depression. The focus of the study comes from the genes CYP2C19/CYP2D6 genotyped from a patient's blood sample. The ADOPT-PGx clinical trial at the IU School of Medicine focuses on the specific genes CYP2C19/CYP2D6. These genes play important roles in the metabolism of different medications like opioids and SSRI inhibitors. The CYP2D6 gene carries specific information pertaining to opioids. The activation of tramadol, codeine, and hydrocodone is seen to be very low in individuals who have taken these medications for extended amounts of time. Individuals who take these medications for short periods after surgery are seen to have great activation in the gene. The gene CYP2C19 has a direct effect on SSRI inhibitors. Individuals who are taking SSRIs are genotyped and then prescribed the correct medication to treat their symptoms. The study focuses directly on a one-time blood sample taken and genotyped for the specific genes CYP2C19/CYP2D6. These genes tell medical professionals which medication will work best for the patient. This study diminishes the time the patient may have to take SSRI inhibitors or opioids to get the correct result in treating their symptoms.