Mallory Price

Major: Biology, Forensic & Investigative Science
Purdue School of Science
Supervisor: Samantha Smith
Department: Indiana University Genetics Biobank: Sub Aliquot Laboratory

Hemoglobin Assay Reagent Testing

Hemoglobin is a protein present in any bio specimen, and hemoglobin content is an important value to know for research because extreme values can create false negatives and positives for other substances in that sample. The IU Genetics Biobank Sub Aliquot Lab is responsible for preparing samples for research and collecting preliminary data such as the hemoglobin content. Preparing a plate for a hemoglobin assay takes two and a half hours and they must be used within twenty-four hours. These time restraints can impact the quantity of samples able to be processed as well as the ability to rectify mistakes the same day if there is an issue with the first assay. The Sub Aliquot Lab is interested in determining if reagents used in hemoglobin testing degrade over time and pinpoint a range in which these reagents are still viable. Positive results moving forward would allow for preparation of hemoglobin plates up to a month in advance and improve time efficiency in the lab.