Xochitl Rivera

Major: Health Services Management
Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health
Supervisor: Dr. Amber Comer Ph.D., J.D.
Department: School of Health & Human Sciences

Goals of Care Conversations after Severe Stroke: A Pilot Feasibility Study

The primary research objective is to determine the prevalence and characteristics associated with having a documented goals of care conversation after a severe stroke, based on the NIHSS stroke scale. Goals of care conversations hold an important role when it comes to effective communication between the patient, the family, and the care team. That is because we want to make sure the stroke patient's values, preferences, or goals are respected. It’s also in an effort to prevent stroke patients from getting unwanted aggressive treatment. As an intern, I work under Dr. Amber Comer Ph.D., J.D. Before we began the actual data collection we had to train and read to inform ourselves about the study. When we were given the “go” to start collecting data, we collected data from stroke patients' charts on REDCap. It's important to have “the talk” with your family members so they are aware of your “ values, preferences, or goals” when it comes to whether you want all the possible treatment or you prefer comfort care.