Clarisa Rodriguez Reyes

Major: Health Services Management
Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health
Supervisor: Sharon Cromer and Harshpreet Dhami
Department: Indiana CTSI Clinical Research Center Administrative Department

Health Management Strategies

The CTSI Clinical Research Center provides resources for research on various public health issues to advance treatments and health solutions. Within this institute, many teams are present and contribute to its overall daily research operations. From the nursing staff on the floor providing patient care to the administrators working behind the scenes to ensure correct patient admission information, there are many factors that work to create a smooth interworking system. Within Health Administration/Management, many key management strategies are practiced to ensure the success of the health organization through its overall implementation into the CTSI Clinical Research Center framework. The Application of Health Management Strategies project will reinforce certain management strategies used within each manager role. In order to present a more detailed overview of the management culture present within the CTSI Clinical Research Center, several interviews were conducted with middle- high level managers/administrators to highlight certain strategies, skills, and elements that managers implement in their day to day. Interview questions ranged from asking about their application of key elements of management to looking into specific quality management strategies.