Keller Vincent

Major: Biochemistry and Spanish
Purdue School of Science, Indiana University School of Liberal Arts
Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Deane
Department: Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

Creation of Virtual 3D Anatomy Model Library for Medical Education

In the Deane Paleoanthropology Lab, the primary research goal is to compare bones from ancient primates to bones from modern primates and humans to learn how diet and locomotive function have changed over time. 3D scanning equipment is used to make models of these bones for comparative analysis. The same scanning equipment is also used to create a 3D anatomy model library for medical graduate students to access virtually for their coursework. Anatomical models, human bones, and cadaver specimens are made into virtual 3D models and labeled to create an educational resource for students across various the various medical graduate programs that IUPUI offers. This project has also been expanded to include 3D models of a variety of animal skulls, including a shark and a saber-toothed tiger, to share with K-12 students with the goal of cultivating an interest in something that everyone at LHSI loves – science!