Natalie Starks

Major: Painting
Supervisor: Allie Wigginton
Department: Division of Undergraduate Education Communications

How My Graphic Design Internship Helped Me Become a Better Fine Artist

Through my internship with the DUE Communications Office, I have become a more well-rounded artist, a more competent entrepreneur, and an all-around more organized individual. This internship has allowed me to learn how to effectively communicate with clients, manage projects, and manage my time in a way I have never been able to before. Not only has this internship given me the professional development opportunities that I needed to learn, but it has also inspired my creative endeavors. In my classes, I am using my knowledge of graphic design and applying it to my paintings. In my paintings, I explore the overlap of fine arts and graphic design in the age of technology. I will be showcasing the professional skills and creative inspirations that I have learned and developed from this internship.