Abdullahi Abdi

Major: Computer Science
University College
Supervisor: Hugo Elissalde
Company: Comlux Completion

Research and Development Computer Science Internship Summary

This spring I got the opportunity to be apart of the completion team at the leading company in VIP aviation worldwide, Comlux. Prior to my internship I didn't think that technology had much of an influence on aviation, compared to mechanical and electrical engineering, but when I came to Comlux I developed a new perspective of the aviation field and how technology is detrimental to it's operations and development. My tasks were making animations using various softwares helping the client understand how to remove and install compartments in the plane for future use such as inspections. I also worked on 2D and 3D files of drawings of the plane and creating automation scripts for tasks. I always thought the professional world was more individualistic but I learned otherwise during my time at Comlux. Teamwork really does make the dream work, I actually got to experience this proverb, when I saw an empty hollowed plane come and depart as a completed luxury private jet on it's way to the customer. With the assistance of my supervisor Hugo and the entire team at Comlux I had a comfortable and friendly initiation into my future career in aviation.