Joseph Anifowose

Major: Health Sciences
School of Health and Human Sciences
Supervisor: Trina Bird
Company: Lutheran Child and Family Services

Data and Outcomes Internship Summary

As a sophomore in college trying to figure out the right part for success, it has been an experience. I started this internship with little to no knowledge about what it takes to be an intern yet alone a data analyst intern. even though I thought it would be easy to apply my data entry experience as a pharmacy technician it was not as easy as I thought but it gave me some edge. Through constant interaction with my supervisor, I have been able to complete tasks using ETO and E-Tapestry which are software used by my internship site, and among NGOs and NPOs for Data presentation and Records. Currently, my roles include but are not limited to keeping track of online donors, recording touchpoints such as Attendance, and updating account types and mailing information. Moving forward I would like to develop more skills needed to be successful in this career path and continue to acquire more experience to boost my employment ability upon the successful completion of my degree. I am very thankful for this program and would encourage students to be a part of this program in their college experience.