Mya Bain

Major: Electrical Engineering
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology
Supervisor: Hugo Elissalde, Michael McLean
Company: Comlux Aviation

Engineering Internship Summary

I was given an opportunity through the Sophomore Internship Program to learn from professionals and veterans about engineering and how the aviation industry works. This experience has showed me the inner workings of a professional work environment, the millions of steps go into a completion project at Comlux, and so much more. Coming into this internship, I was worried about my lack of information (since I am only a sophomore) and my public speaking skills. My coworkers there have guided me in my journey to improve those topics and reassured me the entire time. I work with a great group of really intelligent people. Those people have so far showed me how to design a layout for electrical parts and update library data bases. I am currently working in SOLIDWORKS Electrical to find the 3D corresponding part for electrical components and connect them to the correct corresponding section. This task is getting me involved with their software and familiar with electrical parts they work with. The goal from here is to continue my growth in this company, be able to apply my knowledge I learn from work to my studies, and hopefully continue on with this company after the SIP.