Kevin Bethel

Major: Electrical Engineering
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology
Supervisor: Jordan Berkey
Company: AMG Engineering & Machining, Inc.

Purchasing Internship Summary

AMG Engineering is a first-class company with top-notch people! The business operations are organized and efficient. The people are genuine, knowledgeable, and they consistently provide great customer service. My internship has been an amazing experience, and a great foundation for the rest of my education and career journey. During my internship at AMG, I mostly wanted to build on my education and ultimately be able to differentiate myself in the workplace. So far, I have had the opportunity to learn what it takes to run a successful engineering company. When I first started, I was quickly immersed into the day-to-day operations spending time in each department learning what they do individually and how they work together to accomplish their goals. After gaining an understanding of the different departments, I worked full-time in the purchasing area. I haven't decided between mechanical or electrical engineering but AMG has definitely reinforced that I'm on a good path in engineering. So far my experience with AMG has really been uplifting and fulfilling. I am gaining real work experience in my career field, learning how the real world works, and making myself a valuable asset to AMG.