Jose Huerta

Major: Accounting, Finance
Kelley School of Business
Supervisor: Crystal Allen
Company: A Total Solution CPA and Consulting Services, INC.

Accounting Internship Summary

When I realized earlier in the year that a degree is not enough, I immediately began to search for any internships that would reflect the field I hope to be working in. I did not come to college knowing that I wanted to do accounting, but it was something that I found very interesting and I had to know more. Landing an internship with A Total Solution, I was able to quickly understand the many tasks that I could possibly be doing in the future. I have come to learn a lot about what I like and dislike. I have also been able to reassure some of the things I thought I like. Like I said, I was unsure about accounting when arriving at IUPUI, but after interning with a firm I definitely understand that it is something I can stick to and be great at. I know that there is still so much to learn and experience, so I hope to earn as many internships as possible to find out where I fit best in the accounting field.