Jasmine Jackson

Major: Anthropology
Liberal Arts
Supervisor: Kate Roelecke
Company: Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY)

Internship Summary

During this experience, I have had a myriad of tasks ranging from research to coming up with creative ideas. I believe I was able to have such far stretching tasks because my major is in an interdisciplinary study. I think this helped me to become an asset to the team. Personally, and professionally, I have grown during the extent of this internship by applying this concept. There were a few times when I felt my work was not sufficient, was unsure if I was doing something right, or was overwhelmed with the workload. This concept helped me to keep going. It reminded me that as long as I put in the effort I would be supported to continue on. Before the internship I did not know that this was so important. As anthropologists, a lot of the work we come to do is engaged with outside organizations such as nonprofits and NGO’s. It’s been an amazing experience to get an inside look into their world and how business is done. In the long run I hope that this experience helps me to build great relationships with these organizations because bringing together anthropology and nonprofits could make a lot of change.