Mercades James

Major: Psychology
Purdue School of Science
Supervisor: Angel Wallace
Company: Lutheran Child and Family Services

Client Engagement Internship Summary

Assisting and guiding people within the Indianapolis community to improve different aspects of their life is a rewarding experience that I have gained from working at Lutheran. My three goals going into this internship were improving my collaboration skills with other employees, to build connections with the community, and learn to approach challenges with confidence. This internship has provided me numerous opportunities to reach and meet each of my goals within the spring semester. I was given the role each Tuesday to run a resume/job application work shop for the tenants, so that they are given the opportunity to be offered a helping hand in an area that they may not feel so confident in. I also reach out monthly to organizations around the Indianapolis area that are hosting events that may be beneficial to the tenants. Whether it be tailored towards health care, mental health, or a family friendly weekend event that they may enjoy. Challenges arise just like they do in any other job setting, but I have had a great team to work alongside that all collaborate well on what the next steps may be to come to a resolution.