Nicholas Massy

Major: Finance, Supply Chain Management
Kelley School of Business
Supervisor: Mannah Mace
Company: Ascend Indiana

Business Development Internship Summary

Ascend Indiana has an amazing work environment that encourages everyone to do their best work and to make a difference. I was assigned various process improvement projects working with data to help improve the employer engagement side of the business. One of my main responsibilities was posting roles on the network for students to apply for positions with potential employers. I have been an asset to this company by coming in with a student's point of view and being able to give insights from a different point of view. I have enjoyed working at Ascend as I have felt like I am making a difference in my community which I do enjoy as well as being able to put the skills I have to use as well as develop some new ones. I know I likely won't work with Ascend long-term as the opportunities there don't align with my career goals, I still have appreciated working for them and the work they have put into me, helping me develop myself professionally. I will go forward in my future opportunities with relationship building in mind to be able to establish solid connections with people in various companies to increase future opportunities.