Jowi Medhani

Major: Computer and Information Technology
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology
Supervisor: Angel Wallace
Company: Lutheran Child and Family Services

Client Engagement Internship Summary

The Sophomore Internship Program has been the best experience I could've had. It provided me with great work experience and knowledge that I can take to the real world. Even though this internship does not necessarily align with my major, I learned so many things that I have improved on including, my collaborative skills and learning how to work with individuals in general. My goal for the internship is to build connections with the other interns and to gain work experience. I as well as the other interns run a food pantry, and care for the tenants that live in the building of Pando at Lutheran. The tenants come from different backgrounds, so It is our job to treat and care for them as well. I would say overall, that I am very pleased with this internship because I have definitely gained valuable work experience of working with others, while also developing and refining important skills as well.