Trey Peters

Major: Nursing
Indiana University School of Nursing
Supervisor: Angel Wallace
Company: Lutheran Family and Child Services

Client Engagement Internship Summary

With my current major being Nursing it is almost obvious that the main focus of the things that I do are centered around the care of others. Providing care at the highest level is the component that can make or break the healthcare system and it is something that needs to be practiced and perfected whenever given the opportunity. The internship that I have received that Lutheran Family and Child Services is a great milestone towards reaching this goal of high level patient care. At Lutheran Family and Child Services our mission is to provide aspects of care that they may be missing out on. Things such as figuring out where they might have to get another meal that is solved with the resource of a food pantry, finding a job that is able to support them and their future endeavors at the application workshop, or simply having a sense of community with events planned throughout the year. Lutheran Family and Child Services isn't put in place to have any sense of financial gain but just the opportunity to help those who have reached out as best as we can.