Kyle Poland

Major: Accounting, Finance
Kelley School of Business
Supervisor: Kat Stambaugh
Company: Ascend Indiana

Talent Recruiter Internship Summary

As a talent recruitment intern, I have been able to see firsthand what goes into outreach efforts from businesses and have gotten a better idea of my future career goals. For a long time, I was struggling about which exact major to work towards in Kelley School of Business. Having this HR position at Ascend has given me important insight into what I find enjoyable and important in an actual business working environment. The professional communication skills that I have taken out of this opportunity will be helpful in my future career as well as my personal life. Because of this internship, I have learned just how important interaction with others is to me. I never had a set career goal, but this chance to work in a professional setting has given me a better idea about what I plan to do in the future!