Raegan Romer

Major: Marketing, Management
Kelley School of Business
Supervisor: Amy Henry
Company: Amy Henry-State Farm

Administrative Internship Summary

I interned at Amy Henry-State Farm focusing on growing their social media and to make calls targeting customers who were with State Farm in the past and offering a free quote. I have come to realize that the field of marketing and social media is a field I want to keep pursuing as a future career. I have grown immensely when I think about how far I have come from the first week here. I have grown very comfortable around the phone, talking to customers. I have learned that there is so much more to insurance than just a plan, there is a detailed set of processes you have to go through to determine the right insurance for you. Seeing how my co-workers are using the connections they have made in their personal life and then carrying that over to their work life has been a really cool experience to see how your networking can improve your business, with a little loyalty and trust. I am setting a long-term goal to remain in contact with the people here to stay connected with them and will be able to support them, as they would for me.