Sarah Scheibelhut

Major: Visual Communication Design
Herron School of Art
Supervisor: Dale Crabtree
Company: Edna Martin Christian Center

Marketing and Events Internship Summary

My internship has been one of the most beneficial opportunities I have experienced while working towards my degree and career in visual communications design. I worked on a promotional video for a partnership between EMCC and an organization that donates to EMCC’s food pantry which involves using Adobe Premiere Pro. I learned that I am skilled enough at graphic design to land a job in my desired field. Before this internship, graphic design was just something I enjoyed and a part of my major. But now, I have the confidence and have gained enough skills to know that I can make a career out of graphic design, and I can work in a field that is enjoyable to me. I have also learned that even though graphic designers tend to sit at a computer for long periods of time, this doesn’t mean the job is a boring desk job. Tasks will be ever changing, and it is an exciting and enjoyable job. I learned these things when I reflected on if I really wanted to work in graphic design. This internship has solidified my career path.