Ashley Vasquez

Major: Pre-Radiation Therapy
University College
Supervisor: Angel Wallace
Company: Lutheran Family and Child Services

Client Engagement and Community Programs Internship Summary

My overall internship experience has been such a great learning experience! Working for the Pando and INSPIRE programs has given me a lot of opportunities to expand my knowledge. I believe that I have been an asset to LCFS because I was able to organize a silent auction fundraiser for the Pando program in November and get a couple of businesses in the community to donate. I spent around two months planning for the fundraiser, and I communicated with a lot of people at that time. Communication was a huge part of planning, especially since I had to explain what the fundraiser was and coordinate when I could stop by. Also being bilingual allowed me to communicate with Spanish-speaking families. This experience allowed me to learn how to communicate with families in a professional way but still be able to show empathy. I have learned that communication goes a very long way which will be something that I will need to continue to work on as I move forward with my career. I also learned that organization is a very important skill to have because it allows everyone to be able to work together in an orderly manner.