Alia Bogan

Major: International and Global Studies
School of Liberal Arts

Women's Involvement in the Economy

The research focuses on how traditional societal views of women affect their participation in the economy in rural India. The case study focuses on rural areas in India because these areas tend to have more traditional gender roles (i.e., women are expected to stay at home, take care of children, cook, clean, etc.). This study suggests that one of the main reasons for low rates of women in the workforce in these regions is cultural. The objective is to propose a model to help increase women’s employment. The literature review consists of previous studies that have attempted to increase female employment. In order to create the model, previous cases were analyzed. The research looks at which methods were successful and which ones needed improvement. This research found that traditional gender roles are not the only factor affecting women’s employment rates. The other factors include corruption, lack of education, discrimination, societal preference for boys over girls, and overall lack of support for working women. This research can be used in other countries where female employment, particularly in rural areas, is low.