Genotyping spontaneous mutations in revertant NEAP-deficient Plasmodium Falciparum parasites

Brevin Horvath, Yooran Im, Luke Jackson

Mentor: Dr. Sabrina Absalon

The research project involved performing a spontaneous suppression screen on malaria parasites to induce nonsense mutations in the locus of an essential nuclear envelope associated protein. Upon generating 20 revertant parasite cell lines with this screen, gDNA was sequenced to verify mutations. Next, we will employ western blot analysis to validate DNA sequencing data at the protein level. We expect to demonstrate the essentiality of NEAP and likely identify functional NEAP protein domain(s) that are not essential to NEAP function during parasite replication.

Group Members


Brevin Horvath

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Engineering and Technology


Yooran Im


Luke Jackson